Close For World Multi-Cultural Day on Sunday May 19, 2013, please keep in mind:

Water will be provided but in the interest of the environment, please bring reusable water bottles

Don't forget to wear cool clothes, hats and plenty of sunblock- you can always utilize our shade tents as well!

Please park on the streets neighboring the Sunnyvale Community Center. Please do not park in local business parking lots and avoid parking in front of the community center theater. In the community center parking lot, please park in front of the senior center. The parking lot in front of the community center Theater is reserved. There will be volunteers in the parking lot directing traffic.

Please bring along cash for the food vendors!

  In Partnership With
Hepatitis B and liver cancer are the greatest health disparities experienced by the Asian and Pacific Islander population. Hep B Free Santa Clara County seeks to unite community and medical stakeholders to promote awareness of hepatitis B.

This will be accomplished by:

» Building public and healthcare provider awareness about the importance of testing and vaccinating Asian and Pacific    Islanders for hepatitis B.

» Promoting routine hepatitis B testing and vaccination within the primary care setting.

» Providing access to medical management for chronically infected individuals.

» Globally, there are ~350 million people with chronic HBV infection and approximately 40 million people with HIV/AIDS.

» The hepatitis B virus is 100 times more infectious than HIV

» Less than 1 in 1000 of the general U.S. population has chronic hepatitis B vs. an estimated 1 in 10 Asian and Pacific    Islanders has chronic hepatitis B infection, contracted at birth or early childhood.

» Liver cancer presents the greatest health disparity between Asian Americans and Caucasian Americans.

» API residents comprise 35% of Santa Clara County's population.

» Without proper care, 1 in 4 living with chronic hepatitis B will die from liver cancer or liver failure.

» Over 15,000 Santa Clara County residents could die from liver disease/cancer related to chronic hepatitis B Chronic    hepatitis B is often asymptomatic. A simple blood test is necessary to detect the disease.

» Hepatitis B infection is passed from infected mother to infant at birth if there is no intervention.

» There is no cure for hepatitis B, but there are treatments to manage the disease and prevent liver cancer.

» Hepatitis B is a vaccine preventable disease.

» Santa Clara County Public Health Department » Asian Americans for Community Involvement;
» Asian Liver Center at Stanford University » AsianWeek Foundation